London Calling

There’s a rumor about us going around. No, we’re not pregnant – but the other rumor is true.

We’re moving to England!

That’s right, Yvette and I will be moving temporarily to England in the Fall of 2015 to serve and support Wellspring Church in Watford, Greater London! This has been a journey a long time in the making, and we are thrilled to finally have it become a reality.

What are we going to do?

Anything we can. Our plan is to be in England for somewhere between six months to a year – but something we’ve learned over the last few years is that God sometimes lights a path before he shows you the details. When Jesus called disciples, he simply said “follow me”. Working out the details came secondary to the commitment of following in the master’s footsteps. We’ve committed to Wellspring Church and the Watford community that we will be available — through our various gifts and talents — and however we can be used, we’re ready.

Why now?

The idea of moving to England has bounced around our dinner table for years. In part, it was just the adventure, but lately it has become much more. A tremendous sense of calling, coupled with a crazy set of circumstances (that could only be described as divine) opening the doors, has led us to take the leap sooner rather than later.

Why England?

watfordThose that know me well know that I’ve been obsessed with the UK for a very long time. From James Bond to The Beatles to the royal family to football (the kind you play with your foot), I’ve attempted to immerse myself in British culture from almost 5,000 miles away. Over time, my heart for the people of England has grown. To many, England doesn’t seem like a mission field. Much of the time, those designations are reserved for the third world. What we’ve discovered in England however, is a country with a significant history of rejecting church and rejecting God. Centuries of struggle and misrepresentation of the hope and grace of Jesus has led to a country and continent that is wary of those who hold him dear.

We want to go as a family who love God, love the British people, and want to radiate hope to those that need it.

How you can help

Simply put, we can’t do this without you. Much prayer and thought has gone into this decision — and its success relies on that heavily. We’re fortunate to be surrounded by a church and extended community that are warriors of prayer, so we have no doubt this will continue.

Additionally, London is an expensive city to live in, and we’ll need monetary help to make up some of the difference. Our initial six months will be on a traveler’s visa — with the possibility of extending our stay with a work visa. What that means is, for six months, we will be relying on the work we can bring with us and the support of friends and family.

There will be more details in the coming weeks and months about how specifically you can help. We are working on channels so that any financial gift we receive will be tax deductible. We will also be having a couple of garage sales — where we’ll be downsizing a great deal of our possessions in preparation for the move. We’re selling our house, a car, and going all in. For now, just be in prayer about how you might join in with us.

More details and news soon. In the meantime…viva!

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