We’ve spent nearly two months now in England, and it’s been an amazing journey so far. You can feel a tide shift in our family unlike any that we’ve experienced before – conversation after conversation between Yvette and I about what our life looks like, not simply in location, but in philosophy as well. Anytime you step out of your comfort zone and stretch your limits, you invite the spirit of God to mold and shape you in ways you never imagined. And that is exactly what has happened.

We’ve arrived at a state of reinvention…and it’s a very good place to be.

It’s taken me longer to write a new post this time around, and I’m struggling to come up with words to describe why. I suppose there’s a bit of settling that has occurred over the last few weeks, that has taken us from the daily excitement of new places, new people, and new experiences, into what a day to day life looks like for us here. Also, there is a bit of repetitiveness I’d like to avoid – constantly sharing (or perhaps oversharing) the pendulum swings and heart tugs can get a bit boring. Nonetheless, I think it’s really about that reinvention.

We’ve arrived in a place where we’re taking inventory of our lives – the things we want to do, accomplish, join in on. More importantly, who we want to be. We’ve been petitioning God to give us a bigger glimpse of the people he’s created us to be, and the wisdom to make that happen. It’s been mentally taxing, but like any exercise, we’re hoping we’re stronger on the other side.

That all said, I’m sure you’re more interested in some updates on what’s been going on here. So here we go:


  • We took a road trip to Bath and explored some of Southwest England for Yvette’s birthday weekend. It was a really nice weekend, and one we’ll cherish for a long time. We got to see Stonehenge, the Avebury Stone Circle, Frome, Salisbury, and so much more. (Pictures to come!) Also had the really cool experience of flying my drone around Nunney Castle, a derelict structure from the Middle Ages.
  • We’ve been digging deeper into the ministries here, and finding our place (no matter how insignificant it might be) to contribute in what the local Church is doing here.
  • Baron has been amazing over the last few weeks. We think he’s getting used to the patterns of our life here (Yvette and I are as well) and adjusting to that.
  • We’ve made a few treks into the center of London – one in particular being for Guy Fawkes Day (November 5th) where we participated in an educational walk around Victoria Tower Gardens just adjacent to Parliament. We’re still trying to figure out why they celebrate that day…as it is mainly about a “terrorist attack” (foiled though) on Parliament.

I suppose that’s the main gist of what we’ve been up to. Not a terribly eventful few weeks, in terms of external things to share, but a lot going on internally that we’re working out as a family. All good stuff that we can’t wait to share more of with you. Until then…cheers!

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