Reset – the journey so far, connecting, and the state of this blog.

When we started this journey of full-time travel, we had a lot of expectations of what it would be like. Some of those expectations were met, we had some surprises and setbacks, and overall our experience has been unbelievably positive.

Like so many other times in our lives when we’ve set out on a grand adventure, we did our research, laid out our plans, and set out to see where it would take us next. And again, just like those other times, some of our big plans were met with a healthy dose of reality that we weren’t expecting.

So let’s talk about the part we feel like we can control – the blog. We’ve blown it, we’ve known we’ve been blowing it, and yet we could not seem to actually get down to writing more, sharing more, and being present (at least digitally) more.

When we set out, we had these big plans of being bloggers, instagrammers (whatever that really means) and maybe even starting a YouTube channel. We personally were so inspired by other people’s journeys in this lifestyle, through blogs and instagram and YouTube. We wanted to share with others that same opportunity for inspiration and hope and abundant life we found.

And then…life happened, as it so often does. All that “free time” we thought we were going to have never really materialized. We were traveling more (obviously), we were doing more things outside, our company got extremely busy (a great problem), and overall we found ourselves about as busy as we were before. Then the idea of adding on blogs, and social media, and YouTube? It was all too much. Then, despite our best efforts to avoid isolating ourselves, we ended up doing exactly that.

Right now, we’re sitting in Madison, Florida in the middle of a Fulltime Families rally. It’s the first one we’ve attended, and it’s been great. Probably the biggest challenge we’ve faced on the road up to this point has been connecting with our community and loved ones. We miss our friends and family often, and our introverted personalities haven’t helped us stay connected. So this week, it’s been refreshing to be around people who live this same kind of life we live, to share meals and tips and tricks and stories of life on the road. We’ve gotten up early, stayed up late, and made friendships that we have no doubt will last a lifetime.

It’s also been sort of a bookend week for us. We had a vacation last week, which was amazing. Many of the work projects that were keeping us up late for months have balanced out. We’re at about the halfway point of this current leg of our trip. It feels like a good place and time to reset the expectations and plans we have going forward, and to take another look at how we’re connecting with people. It’s also important to us that we invest in the friendships we already have – better than we’ve been doing. This is obviously important for everyone, especially in this crazy, stressed-out world we live in.

So consider this a reset on our efforts to communicate. We probably won’t “catch up” this blog on what we’ve done and seen so far, but we can be better on sharing our experiences from here on. We want to share the places we’ve been and what we’ve been up to, as well as resources and tips in case you’re considering taking the leap.

And while this is likely just a long-winded way of saying we’re going be more active on social and post to this blog more, we mostly just want to say we’re here. We’re living our best life, and trying to make it even better. We want to be a connecting point for people, and a source of inspiration and hope. We hope that you’ll connect with us too. Bookmark us here (and sign up for the newsletter…we’re going to do that more too!), follow us on Instagram, or just shoot us a text or call if you’re thinking of us. We’ll be better about doing the same.

Until next time, with love, from us.

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