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MLB Parks Tour #7 – Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO – 2009

Working through these as quickly as I can preparing for the trip in June!

The trip that involved Kansas City was a really exciting one for Yvette and I. We had already been a lot of places, not to mention stadiums, but for some reason, the idea of getting on the road again across middle America had us in stitches. Kansas City was the first stop in a three-city, four stadium tour in the summer of 2009, which also included St. Louis and both Chicago ballparks. Kansas City is an underrated place, teeming with great food and culture. Even though we didn’t stay long, and it rained incessantly, we enjoyed our time nonetheless.

Kauffman Stadium was built in the early 70’s, but underwent major renovations starting in 2007 and going through the summer of 2009. The game we attended was in May of 2009, and the park just felt brand new. Adding to the sheen of everything was the incredible amounts of rain we received during the evening, making everything appear brand…spanking…shiny…new. We were concerned that the rain would ruin our parade, as we were leaving the day after for Chicago, but luckily we got the game in after a 2.5 hour delay.

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MLB Parks Tour #6 – Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA – 2008

I promised last week that I’d get these all out before we go on our trip in June…so far so good. Sorry you’re going to be inundated with baseball posts for a while.

After spending a few days in sunny San Diego (I think it’s prounounced Sawn Diago…), we headed up Highway 1 toward the City of Angels. The trip up the coast was relaxing and beautiful, even if it took us twice as long as the 5 would’ve. After a few stops in Venice, Huntington Beach, and of course the Disney “mall”, we made our way into the valley and toward another iconic ballpark: Dodger Stadium.

Dodger Stadium has been around a while, and because of that, it’s got some mojo that’s hard to explain. Perhaps it was memories from my childhood spent in California, or maybe the overall feeling that Dodger Stadium is from an older era. Whatever it is…we loved being in California, and loved being at Dodger stadium.

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MLB Parks Tour #5 – Petco Park, San Diego, CA – 2008

So I haven’t written an installment on our MLB Parks Tour in over a year…and the guilt is eating me up inside. 😉 Really though, it’s terrible I haven’t gotten these caught up yet. So I’m making you a deal. In about 8 weeks, Yvette and I are headed out on a trip that will add three more parks to our list. It just so happens I’m 8 behind (not including this one) on the parks we’ve seen so far. So each week over the next eight weeks, I will post one of the parks and our experience there. That way we’ll be caught up before our trip. Sound like a good enough deal? Good…let’s get on with it then.

San Diego is simply one of the few places on Earth that you just can’t complain about anything, ever. Beautiful weather, sunshine, pristine beaches, gorgeous people. Seriously, what’s there to complain about, other than your mortgage/rent for living there? Nevertheless, the California trip was a bit of a whim. We had gotten back from New York a month earlier (where we saw the Mets and Yankees), and were still feeling restless. Disneyland was calling Yvette pretty strongly, so we hopped in the car and headed that way.

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MLB Parks Tour #1 – Fenway Park, Boston, MA – 2005

If we were to get really technical, Fenway Park wasn’t the first ballpark Yvette and I visited as a couple. In fact, it was the local Ballpark in Arlington that set in motion our goal to visit each of America’s 30 Major League ballparks. Nevertheless, Fenway was the first park we visited after being wed. Actually, it was one of the very first things we did as a married couple, less than 24 hours later.  Read More