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Yellowstone National Park

As of writing this, we’ve officially left Southern Montana and Yellowstone National Park. We’re really racking up the miles at this point (over 4,000 so far in about a month!) and it’s becoming more difficult to keep up with posting about our experiences. The reality is that we’re getting to see and do so many things that we just can’t seem to keep up with posting them. I keep saying we’ll get better…but who really knows? Haha.

Our stay in Yellowstone was similar to South Dakota, in that we stayed for nearly two weeks, and mixed a lot of work time with a lot of exploration time. The main difference this time (aside from the location of course) was that my (Harlan) parents met up with us in Gardiner, MT to be with us for the week. And if that wasn’t enough, we had a short visit from some of our absolute best friends, the Waters! It was great having family and friends around to share the experience with us. Community has been the biggest question mark for us on this journey, so having that time about a month in was just what we needed.

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Greetings from the Black Hills National Forest in beautiful South Dakota! We’ve had a glorious couple of weeks here, and wanted to share with you all what we’ve been up to. Thus far, we’re learning that we’ve been able to work (remember…NOT vacation!) and still have time for a lot of activities.

We’re still settling into this lifestyle, so blogs and updates might be a bit sporadic at first. That said, we definitely want to share what this journey is allowing us to do, and what it’s doing in us. More to come soon!

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