Where are we going?

AKA: Viva Part One

It’s the number one question that we’ve been asked since we announced several weeks ago our plans to embark on the journey of being full-time travelers. (Well the number one question is probably “are you guys crazy?”…but that’s another story.) We thought we’d fill you in on our first very loose plan for the Summer and Fall.

It should be mentioned that despite the fact we’ve moved out of our house – and into our camper full-time (more on that later) – we haven’t actually left the metroplex quite yet. We’ve had so many people think we’ve already left…but not yet! We’re still here and want to see you and have dinner and talk life for the next couple of months. Baron will be finishing first grade, we’re going on a vacation in early June, then we’re headed out in late June around the 23rd.

Ok so back to it! Like we said last time, we don’t really have a specific agenda to hit all 50 states or visit every national park or anything. Instead, we’ve planned a path from late June to late November that will keep us in the western half of the country…but visiting a ton of great places.

Here’s the rundown…

Again this is very loose…there are a lot of places along the path that we’re planning on visiting. So this list is nowhere near exhaustive or complete.

  • Late June – Leave Fort Worth and head toward Santa Fe.
  • Santa Fe to Denver
  • Denver to Rapid City
  • Rapid City to Yellowstone in Wyoming
  • Yellowstone to Banff National Park in Canada
  • Banff to Seattle / Vancouver
  • Seattle to Portland
  • Portland to Northern California and Redwood National Forest
  • NorCal to Lake Tahoe
  • Tahoe to Bakersfield / Yosemite / Sequoia National Forest
  • Bakersfield to LA (and notching number 23 of 30 off the baseball park list)
  • LA to San Diego
  • San Diego to Las Vegas (by way of Joshua Tree)
  • Vegas to Moab (via Zion National Park) – Canyonlands and Arches
  • Moab to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon
  • Flagstaff to Phoenix
  • Phoenix to Big Bend National Park in TEXAS
  • Big Bend to the Hill Country
  • Hill Country to Fort Worth

That is quite the list. And we understand that we won’t get to spend a lot of time in some of these places. For example right at the start, we’re rolling through Santa Fe and Denver, before sitting for a bit in Rapid City and Yellowstone. There are many places we’ll only stay a couple of days…and others we’ll spend a couple of weeks.

And again….it’s fluid. We may not hit all these places. We may divert and go a different way, or we might decide to stay longer and run out of time and have to cut the end short. But part of the fun is in the adventure, and going off the list above, it’ll certainly be one.

So what do you think? Are we still crazy? Do you have any recommendations along our path for sights we can’t miss or food we have to try? Let us know on our Instagram! And if you haven’t followed, we’d love it if you did!!

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